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3 scenarios makes it easy to make mistakes when hunting.

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RedKettle Efficient hunting means shaving off seconds, actions or thoughts. So you don't come home empty handed.

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Finding hunting gear that fits your needs shouldn't be that hard. As hunters we get how frustrating it can be.

We're here to change that. We make purpose-built clothing and bags. So you can pick the right tool for the job.

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7mm PRC - is it that good?

7mm PRC - is it that good?

Does the 7mm PRC live up to the hype, or is it just another 7mm magnum? I'll review it for longer range hunting performance, against seven other 7m...

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Deer hunting 101

Deer hunting 101

Learning to hunt deer can feel like being trapped in the matrix. Without the ability to decode all the information. It doesn't have to be that way....

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