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Quick Release Rifle Sling M19

Your rifle out of the way, but ready for action

The Quick Release Rifle Sling M19 is a sling that extends by the pull of a secure buckle.

You can carry your rifle securely on your back. And get it into action in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes you need both hands free when hunting from a bike. Or if you negotiate tough terrain. But carrying your rifle across you back slows you down.

This sling provides secure carry and lets you stay fast.

See more detail below.

Sometimes you need both hands free.

But a regular sling slows you down.

Sometimes that means you miss an opportunity.

It's frustrating.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

Your rifle out of the way, but ready for action

Freedom to move

More time to shoot

Hands free & ready for action in 3 steps

1. Install the sling - the sling fits European and US style sling swivels

2. Tighten the strap - your rifle is out of the way and snug to your body

3. Release the buckle - your rifle on target in a matter of seconds

Watch the demo to see how you use the sling

Adjustment strap allows you to tighten the system so your rifle doesn't bump around on your back

Quick Release buckle lets you extend the sling and get your rifle in action in a matter of seconds

Non-slip rubber panel gives extra grip and helps stop your rifle sliding on your shoulder

Wide webbing strap (38mm / 1.5") makes it more comfortable to carry your rifle

Easy to attach 25mm / 1" attachment straps work with European and US sling swivels

Shopping with peace of mind

30 days full refund - To make sure you're happy with your purchase.

We pay for 1st return - To give you peace of mind when buying RedKettle gear.

Fair shipping rates - Because we're not here to make money on shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I benefit from using the Quick Release Rifle Sling?

You most likely won't benefit if... mainly hunt from a high-seat or a tree stand. And if you hunt on flat ground.

A regular sling will be just as fine.

We recommend our non-slip rifle sling, if you're fed up hunting with one shoulder raised.

Constantly trying to stop your rifle sliding off...

The non-slip rifle sling uses the same rubberised panel as the Quick Release Sling.

So you can relax your shoulders and focus on hunting...

Click here to see the the non-slip rifle sling.

We're fairly sure you'll love the Quick Release rifle sling if...

You hunt on steep ground.

Or just want both hands free and your rifle out of the way.

But still need to be ready for action in a matter of seconds.

How does the quick release sling compare with...

How does the Quick Release Rifle Sling compare with...


A regular sling...

• You can get your rifle off your back faster with the QR sling

• It's easier to tighten the QR sling so it sits snug to your back


A biathlon (2-strap) sling

• A biathlon sling is also quick to remove, and

• It helps keep your rifle out of the way, but

• The Quick Release Rifle Sling has a smaller profile

• And it sits tighter to your back


A gun-slip with a sling

• A gun-slip also helps keep your rifle out of the way, but

• It takes you longer to get your rifle out of the gun-slip

Does the sling work with all rifles?

The sling is built for US style sling swivels (25mm / 1"), but it will also work with European sling swivels (22 mm).

How do I install the sling?

You attach the 25mm / 1" attachment straps to the sling swivels on your rifle.

1. Loop the strap through the sling swivel

2. Feed the strap back through the triglide (buckle)

3. Feed the tip of the strap over one side of the buckle and under the far side to lock it in place

Does the sling come with swivels?

No, the sling doesn't come with swivels.

Read more

Read why being fast is a critical hunting strategy.

Click the image to read articles.

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