Quick Release Rifle Sling M19


Your rifle out of the way, but ready for action.

The Quick Release Rifle Sling M19 is a sling that extends by the pull of a secure buckle.

You can carry your rifle securely on your back. And get it into action in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes you need both hands free when hunting from a bike. Or if you negotiate tough terrain. But carrying your rifle across you back slows you down.

This sling provides secure carry and lets you stay fast.

See more detail below.

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Sling summary video

Sometimes you need both hands free.

But a regular sling slows you down.

Sometimes that means you miss an opportunity.

It's frustrating.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

Your rifle out of the way, but ready for action

Freedom to move

More time to shoot

Hands free & ready for action in 3 steps

1. Install the sling - the sling fits European and US style sling swivels

2. Tighten the strap - your rifle is out of the way and snug to your body

3. Release the buckle - your rifle on target in a matter of seconds

What others say

"The RedKettle M19 sling is a really cool non-slip sling with a quick release where you get a foot more sling length. You can get it
over your head and shoulder for secure carry, but if you really need to get out of it in a hurry you just pop that quick release and you've got lots of room to do so."

- Backcountry Hunting Podcast

"I am sold on it. I can pull my rifle off a cross-shoulder carry without ripping my hat off or tangling up in the binos, and much faster than a traditional sling."

- Rokslide

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