The hunting universal six-step process is the core of how you plan, prepare for and execute a hunt.

And the standard operating procedures are where the rubber meets the road.

SOP quick reference guide

The quick reference guide will help you implement SOP in four ways:

  • As a field guide
  • To help you identify knowledge gaps
  • As as tool for your practice sessions
  • Input to validate and improve your own SOP

Click here to download the hunting SOP quick reference guide.

Mastering hunting is a lifelong journey.

There are lots of skills and knowledge to acquire.

The quick reference guides are one step on the way.

Free email companion course

Want more detail to help you become an effective and efficient hunter?

I've created an eight-email companion course to give another level of detail.

In the course, I'll give you the what and the why on each step in the first level SOP. And, a couple of second-level SOPs to help you on the way. Sign up below if you want guidance and inspiration.

More detail on the Efficient Hunting framework

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