What can hunters learn from Tim Ferriss?

The four-hour work week, the four-hour body, the four-hour chef...

How can these books help you learn how to hunt?

Tim Ferris is a master of learning.

And he's got a trick you can borrow.

It's helped him become a champion in Tango and Kickboxing.

He says you can reap the benefits too.

And about benefits, I've got something for you.

At the end of the video.

Starting to hunt is fun and exciting.

But it can feel like dirnking from a firehose.

And often, "this is fun" turn into "god, this is hard".

Tim's trick is the one-pager.

It's a way to capture the essence, structure, and principles of a topic.

With this structure, that firehose of information becomes a tasty beverage.

And you know how to deal with challenges and setbacks.

Here's the problem.

It's hard to get started on a one-pager.

And it takes work to figure out what's essential.

For you. For hunting. That doesn't have to be a problem.

I've created a one-pager for you.

In fact, an entire e-book with the essential structure.

Supercharge the way you learn how to hunt.

Click here to download the e-book (it's free).



Image credit: Credit: Andrew (Drew) Kelly