The size chart measurements are body measurements. Garments will have further allowance for insulating layers.

For example, if your chest measures 100 cm / 40” you should select size Medium.

If you select a Light Ventile Jacket with a slimmer fit you will have room for a base layer and a light mid-layer under the jacket. If you select the Ventile Parka, which has a looser fit, you will have room for a base layer and a heavier mid layer as well as space for trapped air.

Each size (M, L, XL etc.) come in a regular and long size. The two key differences are "height of back" and arm length.

RedKettle size chart in cm and inch, including visual guide for taking measurements

Chest (1): measured during normal breathing whilst standing erect and the tape-measure passed under the armpits and across the chest.

Back height (2): Measured on your back, from where your back of neck meets your shoulders and down to the level of your navel.

Waist (3): measured at natural waistline, between top of hip bone and lower ribs, just around your navel.

Arms (4): tape-measure your straight arm lifted to a horizontal position. Measure from your neck to your wrist bone. Please note, the garment will reach further than your wrist bone, this point is only used as reference for sizing.

Please email us at if you have any questions about sizing.