We're proud: Ventile jacket review in "Vildmarken"

The Swedish hunting and fishing magazine, Vildmarken (roughly translated to "the wilderness") published a great review of our Light Ventile Hunting Jacket M19.

They highlighted various positive factors of the jacket including "The jacket is light in weight and is immediately felt as durable. It is equipped with mobile hunting in mind" 

We are proud of the great review this is a jacket you use when you are hunting on foot and its good that the tester has recognised that. 

 They Summarised by saying "This is a great all-round Jacket, I think that it is the fact that its also good enough to be worn everyday too"

We are very happy to receive another overwhelmingly postitive review, as we put alot of time into effort into trying to bring you the best gear possible.

Click here to read the full review as a PDF:


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