R&D update: Modular hunting waist pack

At RedKettle, we want to help you be successful as a hunter.

One of the ways we do that is to help you carry and organise your hunting gear. Here is the latest R&D update on the products we're working on to do just that.

If your gear is organised. If you have easy access to it, you'll be faster. And reacting quicker means you'll be more likely to shoot what you're hunting.

Missing a deer because gear gets in the way or is not accessible is crazy. Your kit should help you, not be an obstacle.

Customers keep asking for pouches for our bino caddy. And we've released the first one, but one thing was clear.

There's only so much you can carry on your bino harness. Sometimes you need extra space. But don't want to bring a backpack.

A belt system can bridge that gap.

We analysed essential gear and how frequently you use it.

We identified out gear you would typically bring on any outing. And what items you'd only bring on a more extended trip.

And we talked to existing customers to understand their preferences. And preferences definitely differ. That's why we've settled on a modular system.

That way, you can set up the belt to suit your preferences. Or to a particular situation.

We're currently prototyping pouches and figuring out solutions for the details like buckles, organisation and ways to close.

So far, our testing has shown the belt is a great way to carry and organise essential kit for a more extended day.

And the modular set-up makes it easy to set it up to personal preferences.

Stay tuned for more updates on the system.