Fibrepile midlayer M19


As a hunter and outdoorsman, you don't want to let the cold stop you from putting venison on the table or a trophy on your wall.

You know that if your core gets cold, your body restricts blood flow to your hands, reducing your ability to pull the trigger.

We don't want you to miss that opportunity. To help you stay warm, focussed and fully operational, we've created the Fibrepile Mid-layer M19.

The mid-weight (480 g/sqm, 11 mm pile height) polyester pile fabric is excellent for creating insulation while allowing ventilation through layers, to keep you both dry and warm.

Because it's made from polyester pile fabric, the mid-layer works equally well in dry and humid environments.

We recommend it for the times when you are hunting from a fixed position, or as back-up insulation to keep in your backpack when you're on the move.

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