Light Ventile Hunting Jacket M19


This is a naturally breathable, windproof and showerproof jacket. Built for when you're hunting on the move.

We've used organic Ventile cotton for maximum breathability. And a better environmental footprint.

Ventile is made of the 2% finest cotton fibres, woven in a dense weave.

When the fabric gets wet, the fibres swell, blocking out the rain.

We wanted you to have the best balance between breathability and weather protection. So we've used two layers of Ventile in areas exposed to rain. And Ventile and mesh where you need maximum breathability.

Did you ever think that hunting in a membrane jacket felt like wearing a plastic bag?

Ventile cotton is the new/old solution to that.

It will keep you comfortable in mild weather and during hard work. And dry in all but the most severe rain.

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Or read below, how this jacket can help you stay focused when hunting…

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Getting cold isn’t the problem when you’re on the move. Overheating is.

It’s frustrating if that distracts you enough to miss an opportunity to shoot.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Read below how this jacket can help you…

Naturally breathable 

Naturally breathable cotton helps you stay comfortable

The Ventile technology means you’ll stay dry in all but the worst rain

The dense weave keeps you out of the wind

The jacket moves with you, making hunting effortless

Enough pockets for your essential hunting gear


Synthetic fabrics have come a long way. But they’re still not as comfortable as cotton… Especially if you’re hunting on the move or the weather is mild.

We're hunters, and we get that optimum performance takes specialised tools. Ventile cotton is one of them. And we built this jacket to help you succeed.


"In short, the Light Ventile Hunting Jacket M19 from RedKettle everything it's promised to be. And the cotton material is truly an impressive piece of old technology in new forms. It keeps up with membrane clothing, even in rain and cold. And provides breathability, when on the move, which is exceptional."

- Review in the Danish hunting magazine, "Mit Jagtblad"


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2. Receive the parcel - we service customers in the UK, EU, USA, Canada, Australian & New Zealand.

3. Enjoy hunting on the move - in a naturally breathable jacket


Ventile fabric is made the best cotton crop. The top 2%. It's highly breathable and comfortable. When wet, the fine cotton fibres swell and stops water from getting through fabric. We use L24 Ventile for its extra dense weave. And the organic version because we believe that hunters are stewards of nature.

• L24 organic Ventile cotton.

• 200 g/sqm and dense weave.

• Swells when wet to keep water out.

• Lining separate from the shell for optimal waterproofing.

• Organic to protect the environment.

• PFC-free water repellency

Read more acbout Ventile Cotton


At Red Kettle, we're hunters. We know what we'd like to see in a jacket. Like one that makes moving feel effortless and doesn't get in your way. One with plenty of pockets for your essential gear. And one that's light yet built to workwear standards.

• Raglan sleeves and articulated elbow for freedom of movement.

• Waist pockets on the side, so they're out of the way when prone.

• Hood adjusts to protect against the weather and to move with your head.

• Pocket drain holes for use in extreme conditions.

• Workwear-grade build.


This is a naturally breathable hunting jacket. It will keep you dry in all but the worst conditions. We built it as a shell that so you can combine it with layers. And adapt to changing conditions.

• Adjustable hood

• 2 shoulder pockets

• 2 chest pockets

• 2 waist pockets

• 2 internal chest pockets

• 1 internal poachers pocket

• Velcro loop accessory panels in chest and shoulder pockets

• Hard-wearing zippers


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