What can hunters learn from Colonel Jeff Cooper?

Call me old school, but i have a clear opinion on long-range hunting.

But it might not be what you think.

As hunters, we are subject to trends.

It's easy to forget and apply critical thinking

and factor in our own skills

New and seasoned hunters alike can get seduced 

by the idea of hitting an animal at long range.

I certainly have.

It's worth remembering Jeff Cooper's principles 

for the field marksman.

If you can get closer, get closer.

If you can get steadier, get steadier.

Does that mean I'm anti long-range hunting?


i believe your ability to hit a target at long range 

is the pinnacle of field marksmanship.

Long-range hunting skills are relevant when 

I can't get closer. Before the animal leaves.

or if i have to deal with a wounded animal.

These skills are a tool that i can use.

if I'm confident, I have the ability,

So practice hard.

And operate within your level of competence.

That's efficient hunting, Thats RedKettle hunting.