Review: Light Ventile Hunting Jacket M19 in "mit jagtblad"

Are you looking for best of class breathability?

A jacket for hunting on the move?

We built the Light Ventile Hunting Jacket M19 for that exactly.

It's designed for maximum breathability, using Ventile cotton. To help you stay focussed on the task at hand.

Judging by the recent review in "Mit Jagtblad" the jacket meets the objective.

“In short, the Light Ventile Hunting Jacket M19 from RedKettle everything it’s promised to be and the cotton material is truly an impressive piece old technology in new forms. It keeps up with with membrane clothing, even in rain and cold. And provides a breathability, when on the move, which is exceptional.”

The journalist addresses the elephant in the room.

That today, cotton is perceived as a poor material for outdoor gear.

Ventile meets that misconception head on. And wins hands down.

In the test the jacket lives up to the purpose and keeps the tester dry. Even in heavy rain.

They do point out, that water under high pressure, will soak through the fabric.

That kind scenario is outside of the intended use for the fabric. And the tester highlights that the jacket will keep you dry in all but severe conditions:

"During testing this (water soaking through) happened rarely. Normal Danish rain was no problem. Even for all day outings."

We're very proud of this test.

Mit Jagtblad call out many of the details we included to help you stay focussed and efficient when hunting.

"The Light Ventile Hunting Jacket M19 is incredibly breathable and it maintains a comfortable temperature, both when you're moving and when you're static. During movement the jacket moves with you and never gets in the way. Even when you've got your pockets full of gear."

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