Non-slip rifle sling M18

£26.00 GBP
£21.67 GBP

The RedKettle non-slip rifle sling M18 was designed to keep your rifle your shoulder so you can focus on hunting.

It is a lightweight and rugged rifle sling made from 38 mm (1.5") olive drab mil-spec webbing, with a non-slip rubber panel.

Fully extended it measures approximately 105 cm or 41.25". When reduced up to the non-slip panel it measures about 72 cm or 28.25".

The sling attaches to the rifle with 25 mm (1 inch) webbing locked with webbing sliders and the length is adjusted with a 38 mm (1.5") webbing slider.


  • Length extended: 105 cm or 41.25" (sling, excluding attachment straps)
  • Length reduced: 72 cm or 28.25" (sling, excluding attachment straps)
  • Olive drab European mil-spec nylon webbing
  • ITW webbing reducers
  • Due Emme sliders
  • Cordura classic backed butadiene rubber panel
  • Heavy duty bonded nylon 6.6 thread
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
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