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Light Ventile Hunting Jacket M19

Fine for fighter pilots, great for hunters

A waterproof and naturally breathable hunting jacket in L24 organic Ventile® cotton, designed to beat autumn and winter.

We built this jacket for those of you who need a waterproof and breathable jacket that's also comfortable in milder weather and when on the move. You need amazing breathability and comfort. You also need gear that withstands sparks if you're having a campfire. Ventile® cotton is central to achieving this result.

And we've won a jacket test to prove it! Read more below.

Summary video

Product summary

During the war, Ventile® saved the lives of fighter pilots running convoy missions. At RedKettle we have repurposed the fabric for hunting.

We built our light ventile hunting jacket from organic L24 Ventile® cotton. It's better for the environment, naturally breathable, wind and waterproof. We've built the jacket with two layers of Ventile® in the hood, upper torso and elbows to maximise waterproofing. We've used a mesh lining in other areas to maximise breathability and mild weather comfort. And you get nine pockets for all your gear.

Pack our light ventile for autumn and winter when you need to adjust your layering, for campfire cooking, and for carrying all your kit.

Key properties

  • Waterproof, breathable comfort
  • Built for hunting movement patterns
  • Organic L24 Ventile® with a PFC-free water repellancy
  • Two layers of Ventile® in exposed areas
  • Single layer plus Mesh lining for maximum comfort in other areas
  • Better than synthetics around a campfire
  • Made in the United Kingdom

Built for hunting in steep terrain

We're hunters ourselves. And we test our kit on hunters. They tell us they like the high breathability when hunting in steep terrain like Scotland, without losing protection from heavy wind and rain. They also tell us it's great for autumn in southern England, when the days range from mild and sunny to rainy and cold.

The jacket works well with a single base layer for mild weather or hard work. And with several layers when you're static in cold weather. It's also fits the bill when you need something that withstands sparks from the campfire, after a day of hunting. And a jacket that lets you carry your essential gear.

This is a highly breathable, comfortable jacket that will stand up to heavy, driving rain, with a lining separate from the shell to maximise waterproofing.

If it's good enough for fighter pilots, it's good enough for hunting.


Ventile fabric is made from 2% finest cotton fibres. It's highly breathable and comfortable. When wet, the fine cotton fibres swell and stops water from getting through. We use L24 ventile for it's extra dense weave. We use the orgainc version because we belive strongly in looking after nature.

We're big fans of Ventile. It'll handle everything the elements can throw at it.

  • Swells when wet to keep water out
  • Lining separate from shell for further waterproofing
  • L24 organic Ventile is better for the environment than standard cotton
  • PFC-free water repellence is also an environmental benefit
  • Fully twisted Oxford weave.


At Red Kettle, we're hunters. We know what we'd like to see in a jacket. Like one that gets out of your way when you need it to. One with plenty of pockets for all your gear. And one that's light yet built to workwear standards.

We built the light ventile to support hunting movements. That means Raglan sleeves, articulated elbows and a fit that's cut to make moving around effortless.

  • Contoured back covers the seat
  • Oversize zip pullerss for use with gloves
  • Cuff straps and elastic waist cord for warmth and rain protection
  • Waist pockets to the side, so they're out of the way when prone
  • Nine pockets all with storm flaps
  • Hood moves with your head.

Modular approach

The light ventile hunting jacket is a medium-weight coat without insulation. It allows you to dress in layers, so you can adapt to different conditions. In the chest and shoulder pockets, you'll find 10x10cm Velcro loop panels for mounting your accessories.

Fit and sizing

Our jacket is slim enough to stay out of your way when hunting, yet loose enough to let you wear layers underneath. Choose our regular fit or the longer version for a 5cm longer body and sleeves.

Find the right size for you here.

More information

Want to know more? We put a lot of thought into our hunting gear - beyond what's on this page.

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Video: Ventile cotton - challenging conventional wisdom - This video explains how Ventile fabric is made, how it works and where it wins hands down. You'll learn what the fabric does well and where we choose other fabrics. And you'll get a point of view from someone with a lot of experience with Ventile.

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