Attachment Wrap M18

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Description of the RedKettle Attachment Wrap M18

The attachment wrap is designed to give you additional mounting options for the Javelin Sheath M18.

It is primarily designed for using together with the Non-slip Rifle Sling M18. The wrap also lets you attach the Javelin Sheet on other straps as well as horizontal mounting on a belt.

The wrap is made from 560 dtex Cordura Classic with a non-PFC water repellency treatment.

It features a non-slip panel of butadiene rubber and is fastened with a combination of Velcro and snap buttons

See the Javelin Sheath M18 here.

See the Non-slip Rifle Sling M18 here.

Please note, items other than the Attachment Wrap in the pictures are for illustrative purposes and not included with the wrap.

Key features and components of the Attachment Wrap M18

  • Extends the use of the Javelin Sheath M18
  • Cordura Classic 560 dtex (500 denier) for optimal performance
  • Non-PFC water repellency treatment
  • Heavy duty bonded nylon 6.6 thread
  • Colour: Nato green with heather effect
  • Made in the United Kingdom
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