Welcome to RedKettle.

We're here to help you become a more efficient hunter.

That word, efficiency, is the foundation for the clothing and gear we build.

And it's based on my approach to hunting. The intersection between hunting and LEAN Six Sigma.

It's also more than that.

I believe hunting is a force of good in nature.

And efficient hunting is one part of being a hunter. One of five roles, to be exact.

Hunting, in the broadest sense, is about being a steward of nature.

You can have a look below if you'd like to read more about these ideas.

I hope you'll find a bit of food for thought. Or maybe even actionable inspiration that can help you on your journey as a hunter.

All the best,


The efficient hunter

Here's what I believe about the act of hunting.

It's all about efficiency.

It's about optimizing everything from what you do to the gear you use.

Reducing the distance between A and B.

I didn't always understand that. It took decades of hunting. But as soon as I had that eureka moment. I was able to plot the right course. No more running in circles.

I created a framework. And I hope it will help you. As much as it's helped me.

I've been inspired by ideas and folks who aren't traditionally associated with hunting.

Everything from NASA to fighter pilots, investment managers and samurais of eras past.

And I've found out what kind of hunter I am. Where on the bell curve I belong.

Maybe that's your spot too?

Click here if you'd like to hear more about being an efficient hunter. And get tools to help you get there.

(hint, it's a journey that never ends. So don't forget to enjoy the process).

The Steward of Nature

The Steward of Nature is my unifying view on hunting.

It's the five roles that, to me, define what hunting is all about.

It's about accepting responsibility. And understanding the components that are required to meet this obligation.

Click here to read more about the Steward of Nature.