About RedKettle

The RedKettle vision

At RedKettle our vision is "to inspire and equip hunters to become custodians of nature, so that future generations can continue to hunt and enjoy wild food".

The way we develop products at RedKettle

As a company we have defined a number of principles for how we do things. When making clothing and gear our guiding statement has three parts and it reads this way: “create a solution for nature, a solution for hunting and keep refining until there's nothing left to remove”.

 RedKettle product development principle

“A solution for nature” is about prioritising environmental sustainability through the components and suppliers we use. It's also means building products that will last you a long time.

“A solution for hunting” means that we spend a lot of time understanding your needs as a hunter. And we develop products that meet them in the best way possible.

“Keep refining until there is nothing left to remove” means three things. 1. That we strive for simplicity in order to achieve aesthetically pleasing products. 2. That we make products that are efficient in use and 3. That we strive to make products that use as few components as possible.

We will document the way we continue to improve our environmental footprint. Click here to see our blog posts about sustainability.

We would love to hear from you if you have an idea for how we can become more environmentally friendly when building great products for you. Please email us on thefolks@redkettle.co. Thanks in advance!