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Lots of hunters struggle to find gear that’s designed to perform specific tasks really well.
At RedKettle we make purpose-built hunting gear so you can pick the best tool for the job.
That way you can hunt to your full potential, which means more fun and more success.

Here's how we work to help you succeed

We want to help you to maximise your potential as a hunter. So we take great care in understanding what you need from your clothing and gear.

We focus on one scenario at the time. And build gear that is uncompromising in its focus on solving a specific task to perfection.

We are thorough down the the last detail. And less is better. It means focus on the essential elements. So you can focus on hunting.

We are passionate hunters. And we have a clear opinion on what hunting is and should be.

Below you can read more about our name, our product philosophy and our pledge to the planet.

Together, these three sections sum up the kind of hunters we are.

Our name

To us hunting is more than pulling the trigger. It's also about that, but there is a whole world of skills, knoweldge and adventures that make up hunting. And our name is a symbol of all that. Click below to read more about the story behind the name, 

Our product philosophy


That sum's up our product philosophy. We want you to be more successful as a hunter and we believe that the being able to pick the right tool for the job will help.

Our pledge to the planet

We want hunters to be stewards of nature. And we believe that leading by example is the best way to get there. That's why we support 1% For The Planet. Click to read more