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The way we build gear

We are guided by five principles when building hunting clothing and gear.

The principles are:

1. Know the hunter

We spend a lot of time talking to other hunters to understand the big things that create product requirements. For example, travelling to the hunting area, hunting on foot or from a fixed position or related tasks like extracting and preparing the game for food. We also look for all the details. What might be an awkward movement? How can we avoid forgetting kit at home (never happened to us…).

2. Know the environment

This is about considering the way the cold or warm, the plains or the mountains create requirements. And if these requirements can be solved with one product or if several are required.

Simple, but important.

3. Prototype, test & repeat

We find that even the best idea requires a little work in order to shine. We use prototyping and testing to validate if a product stacks up - if it is effective and efficient. We do that in-house, and we also rely on users across the world to give feedback.

4. Look beyond the product

By this, we mean that we look at solving your needs or requirements as a hunter with multiple products that work together. For example, if we identify the need for more storage, the solution might be a bag rather than an extra pocket in a jacket.

5. Sustainability

Our core concept of doing more with less is the primary way we try to achieve environmental sustainability. But, we also work hard to use the right materials, like organic cotton and PFC free DWR.

When we select suppliers, we consider how to minimise shipping of components around the world. We also work to ensure that they have both the environment and their employees on the top of their agenda.

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