Small Utility Pouch M20


The Utility Pouch M20 is a zipped pouch that attaches to the side strap of your Bino Caddy.

It has one main compartment and two elastic webbing panels. So you can organise the accessories you bring hunting.

It helps you keep your hunting gear in the same place. That way, you won’t forget essentials, even if you’re in a rush. Just grab your bino caddy.

You can also use several pouches to add more gear to your harness. Mix and match to suit a particular hunting trip.

External dimensions (approximately): 13x10x5 cm or 5 1/8"x3 7/8"x2" (HxWxD).

We are working on dedicated optics pouches for rangefinders and thermal spotters. Click here to join our list and receive new product information.

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