The efficient hunter is the role in the Steward of Nature that's reserved exclusively for the act of hunting.

It's an essential part of a bigger system. It's hunting is boiled down to the essence. Simplicity, effectiveness and efficiency. So you, the hunter, can do your part.

Being an efficient hunter is not just about your level of skill. It's also about your mindset.

You're among the 15.8% of hunters. On the leading edge of the bell curve. The optimizers.

Who has also accepted your responsibility. And want to ensure hunting is a force of good in nature.

And you're not just relentless in your pursuit of putting food on the table. And for active conservation.

You are single-minded in your pursuit of knowledge, improvement and efficiency.

You work hard to become a better hunter. And more importantly, you work smart.

But what does "smart" mean when it comes to hunting?

I'd like you to share my story. My journey to be one of the 15.8%. Who think differently about hunting. More methodically. And I'll explain what I mean by 15.8%.

To me, it's the intersection between my skills and my passion for hunting. And my experience with process optimization and LEAN Six Sigma tools.

Hunting and optimization.

I have hunted since I was 16 years old. But this journey only started as I began to build hunting gear at RedKettle.

Designing functional hunting gear made me reflect. And reflecting made me realize I'd missed a big point. I'd worked hard on getting better, but in reality I'd almost done it all wrong.

I have now changed that. With a framework that helps me improve as a hunter. It helps me become more efficient.

Here's a preview.

Diagram of the RedKettle efficient hunter framework

I hope my approach will help you. Either in a big, structural way. Or as food for thought and new perspectives.

We'll start at the beginning. The summer morning I shot my first roe-buck.