Can everyone benefit from using a bino caddy?

Can everyone benefit from using a bino caddy?
Not everyone will benefit from using a bino harness system.
If you mainly hunt from a tower or tree-stand, you won’t benefit from the added control it gives.
Same thing if you hunt on foot, but always shoot of sticks.
In those cases, a regular strap will be fine.

Do the binoculars get dirty when the sides are open?

In short, the sides might, the optics won’t
We’ve used an open design for the caddy.
Because it makes it easier and faster to operate your binoculars.
Some folks are concerned that the binoculars will get wet.
The sides might, the optics won’t.
The adjustable cover provides a snug fit that keeps your binos fully operational.
But, if you want a fully enclosed caddy, the RedKettle version is not for you

How big is the bino caddy?

The Bino Caddy has been designed to fit optics of these sizes.

• Height: 145 mm to 180 mm / 5 6/8" to 7 1/8"

• Width: 120 mm to 135 mm / 4 6/8” to 5 3/8”

• Depth: 50 mm to 80 mm / 2” to 3 1/8”

The following binoculars works with the caddy:

  • • Kahles Helia 8/10x42
  • • Kahles Helia 8/10x42 RF
  • • Leica Geovid 8/10x 42
  • • SIG Kilo 3000
  • • Swarovski RF
  • • Steiner Ranger Ext 10x42
  • • Vortex Razor HD
  • • Zeiss RF 8x42 / 10x42



Yes. pouches with a regular belt loop will fit on the 38mm / 1.5" webbing side straps.

Is the bino caddy modular?

Yes, the Bino Caddy is modular.

It has been designed to let you adjust it to your binoculars. And to let you build out the system with additional pouches.

We are developing a range of accessory pouches to be used with the bino caddy.

What if my binos are too tall to fit?

You have two options, if your binoculars are slightly taller than the caddy.

1) If your binoculars are just a little taller, you can adjust the cover to it sits slightly higher than the edge of the caddy. It will still work.

2) If that's not enough, you can remove the cover and use the eyecup protectors that came with your binoculars. The magnetic buckle can be used without the cover.

NB, we don't recommend using binoculars that are more than 2.5 cm or 1" taller than the caddy. And they must still be within the specificed max width.

Can the bino caddy be worn when crawling?

Yes, the Bino Caddy is made to stay close to your chest and out of the way when crawling.

It is made from hard wearing Cordura nylon canvas that is highly abrasion resistant.

Is it waterproof?

The Bino Caddy is made from waterproof Cordura nylon canvas so it will keep your optics free of rain and dirt.

It is an open design for fast use so water and dirt may enter the caddy if submerged completely.

Can the Bino Caddy be worn with a Daypack?

Yes. The Bino Caddy harness is made from low profile nylon webbing. That means you can wear it with a daypack or light rucksack.

Will the caddy dangle when i lean forwards?

When tightened, the harness will prevent the Bino Caddy from dangling.

The harness will keep the caddy snug to your body almost all the way to horisontal, as long as you tighten it sufficiently.

How much does shipping cost?

UK: Free shipping (orders over 40 GBP)

Republic of Ireland: 7.70 EUR (Royal Mail International tracked & signed)

USA: 14.26 USD (Royal Mail International tracked & signed)

Canada: 19.05 CAN (Royal Mail International tracked & signed)

NB: Shipping system prices are in GBP. The final local currency conversion may vary from the above.