Your binoculars out of the way...
And ready for action!

Hi there,

This is Christian from RedKettle.

Are you frustrated by binoculars that get in your way when hunting?

Do they make you feel like you're not in control?

It's not your fault.

A standard strap just isn't built for hunting off the beaten track.

Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way.

I felt just like you.

I found it ironic, that expensive optics could work against me.

I wanted a solution. Badly.

That's why I developed the RedKettle Bino Caddy M19 system.

It's a harness that keeps your binoculars snug to your body.

And a caddy that gives you full control and fast access.

It's built for hunting.

Let me tell you a surprising story about the bino harness system

First a few facts.

There are two main parts in a great bino harness system.

• The caddy

• The harness

The harness

The harness is the critical piece that keeps your binoculars under control. It also needs to move with your body and distribute the weight. That's easier said than done.

So one thing surprised me.

The harness was the easy part.

The caddy

The caddy took the best part of a hunting season to refine.

In essence, a caddy must deliver three key benefits.

• Clean optics

• Easy access

• Snug fit

Getting the right balance between the elements is critical for success.

Here's why they're important.

Clean optics

This one is pretty obvious. Without clean optics, your binoculars are close to useless. Or they rob you of precious time when sorting them out.

Easy access

Without easy access, a harness system will slow you down.

And speed is king when getting ready to shoot. Deer usually don't give you a second chance.

When you quickly need a second look at the trophy. Or when you are suddenly in a hurry to shoot.

The caddy must be quick to use.

Snug fit

The caddy must meet the goldilocks rule... Not too big. Not too small, but just right.

It's useless if it doesn't fit. And it will drive you crazy if your binos rattle around.

With so many makes and models of binoculars, that's a tall order.

Our solution is the Bino Caddy M19

It's a bino harness/caddy system that meets these requirements. It keeps

your binoculars out of the way and ready for action.

Our customers love the system. And I'm proud of the solution.

Have a look below to see for yourself.


All the best,


Your binoculars under control.

Here's how the system helps you

Key specifications

Harness - your binos out of the way

• Independent & adjustable straps move with your body.

• 38mm / 1.5" webbing that distributes the weight.

• 10mm retention straps secures your bino.

Caddy - fast access to buy you extra time

• Magnetic buckle means fast operation.

• Adjustable & elastic sides for a snug fit.

• Detachable & adjustable cover to match your preferences.

Modular system - carry additional gear

• 38mm / 1.5" webbing straps support pouches with belt straps.

• Velcro on straps to keep RedKettle pouches in place.

• Range of accessory pouches coming soon.

What our customers say...

"...when I lean forward they stay put and don’t hang in front of me where I’m trying to work..."


"The speed and ease of un-holstering them with the magnetic catch made it a convenience and pleasure to use."


"And obviously when you're crawling, the binos are well protected and not swinging around yet close to hand."


"I actually look forward to using it because quite simply it works!"


Does the harness work with accessory pouches?

Yes. pouches with a regular belt loop will fit on the 38mm / 1.5" webbing side straps.

Do you make any pouches (for rangefinders thermals etc.?)

We're developing a range of accessory pouches.

The first pouch will be a zipped pouch.

We're also working on pouches for rangefinders and thermal units.

What binoculars does the caddy work with?

The following binoculars works with the caddy:

  • • Kahles Helia 8/10x42
  • • Kahles Helia 8/10x42 RF
  • • Leica Geovid 8/10x 42
  • • SIG Kilo 3000
  • • Swarovski RF
  • • Steiner Ranger Ext 10x42
  • • Vortex Razor HD
  • • Zeiss RF 8x42 / 10x42

If your make and model of binoculars isn't on the list, they may still fit.

The caddy will accept binoculars within the following specs:

• Height: 145 mm to 180 mm / 5 6/8" to 7 1/8"

• Width: 120 mm to 135 mm / 4 6/8” to 5 3/8”

• Depth: 50 mm to 80 mm / 2” to 3 1/8”

Does the system work with the Swarovski EL strap system?

Yes. You can get spare EL Field pro strap loop connectors from Swarovski.

They will replace the cord connector and allow you to use the 10 mm security strap on the RedKettle harness.

do you offer refunds?

Yes. You can get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase for unused and undamaged goods.

Do you offer free returns?

Yes. You can get free returns within 30 days of your purchase.
Contact us on and we will arrange/pay for the return for you.

Please note, we are not able to refund returns that you arranged and paid for yourself.

pricing - including International

UK: 95 GBP

Republic of Ireland: 105 EUR

USA: 104 USD

Canada: 138 CAD

NB: System prices are in GBP. The final local currency conversion may vary from the above.

Shipping - including International

UK: Free shipping (orders over 40 GBP)

Republic of Ireland: 7.70 EUR (Royal Mail International tracked & signed)

USA: 14.26 USD (Royal Mail International tracked & signed)

Canada: 19.05 CAN (Royal Mail International tracked & signed)

NB: Shipping system prices are in GBP. The final local currency conversion may vary from the above.

Where can I buy the bino harness?