Ventile Wind Shell M20


The Ventile Wind Shell M20 is a lightweight cotton jacket that’s windproof and water-resistant.

We built it for your Summer and Autumn hunting trips. That includes roe-buck hunting and safari. The times when you need the natural comfort of cotton, but also a hunting jacket that will keep you out of the wind and dry in the rain.

Being too hot or too cold can take focus away from hunting. And changing weather, a cold dawn before a warm day, is one of the more difficult situations to dress for.

Our solution is a single layer of Ventile cotton, with reinforcements. This is fabric gives you the comfort and breathability of natural fibres. The dense weave and ultra-fine fibres also stop the wind and protects you from light showers.

The jacket will be available in dark earth brown and dark green

Our test team didn't want to return the jackets after putting them through their paces in the UK, Africa and the US. And we're very happy with the result ourselves.


NB - the images includes prototypes that have seen significant wear and tear.

Product not available in your country. Please see "Where to buy".

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