The story behind the light ventile hunting jacket

The idea for the first Light Ventile Hunting Jacket was born out of a hunting trip where the weather turned good...

Weather turning good doesn't sound like a bad thing. However, if your gear isn't suited for that kind of change, a hunt can get uncomfortable very fast.

We're big fans of technical fabrics like waterproof and breathable membranes, but even the best of them have their limits.

This challenge got us on the search for a material that would keep you comfortable in a wide temperature range and weather conditions.


We were sceptical about using a cotton fabric at first, but as it came with endorsements from the team at Spartan Precision, we knew we had to look closer at it.

After testing Ventile jackets in different configurations, we ended up with the Light Ventile Hunting Jacket M16, which has gotten a ton of great feedback from customers.

It's also won a test in Sweden's biggest hunting magazine (read more about the test here).

In this video, you can get the full story, and hear how Rob Gearing (Spartan Precision), conducted the final, extreme test during a motorcycle trip in Patagonia.