Test winner! RedKettle Light Ventile Hunting Jacket

Our Light Ventile Hunting Jacket M16 won a test of seven autumn hunting jackets, conducted by the Swedish hunting magazine "Svensk Jakt".

It won with a score of 27 out of 34 possible points. Points were scored on both construction/layout and functionality

The key requirement in the test was breathability, and that was also the property we prioritised when building the jacket. And the reason we used Ventile cotton.

The review is in Swedish and we have translated the summary - to the best of our abilities.

"Test winner! A favourite during moving hunts from early autumn until quite chilly days. Ventile Cotton has good properties in terms of ventilation, wind protection and water resistance and is also durable. For stalking situations where there is a high requirement for being quiet, this jacket may make a little too much noise."

We agree with the review summary and would like to elaborate on their notes on how quiet the jacket is.

We chose Ventile for the outstanding natural breathability, resistance to wind and water and durability.

Ventile achieves these properties by using fine cotton fibres in a dense weave. And a dense fabric will always make more noise than a material with a raised/fuzzy surface (a nap) like fleece or a looser open weave from thicker fibres, like tweed.

But softer fabrics are not as durable, and they require a lining to be as wind and water-resistant as Ventile is.

If you hunt up close through dense bush or woodland where your jacket is regularly brushing against the vegetation, Ventile fabric will make more noise than a napped fabric. And it (Ventile) might not be the best choice for you.

If you hunt in bush and woodland where you have room to navigate around vegetation, our Ventile jacket is a great choice. And you will be able to get up close to your quarry if you do your part.

We'd also like to add that the article mentions the fact that the jacket was able to resist a fair amount of sparks from a campfire.

That's important to us, as we build gear for folks who enjoy the outdoors beyond hunting. And our name, RedKettle, is a reference to those moments around a campfire, where you share stories from that day's adventures.

We are very proud and positive reviews like this means the world to us, as we put a lot of effort and thought into the gear we build for you.

The review was published in Svensk Jakt no 5, 2019.

You can read the full article in a separate pdf file by clicking here.

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NB. Article and article image copyright of Svensk Jakt 2019