Help to hunt confidently - use the four level of competency model

Let's talk about the second step on the hunting competency curve.

Once you have a plan and structure for learning, you become a more confident hunter.

But confidence is not just about your plan for what to do. You also need a plan for how to do things. For the skills required to hunt.

The four stages of competency can help you improve.

1. Unconscious incompetence

2. Conscious incompetence

3. Conscious competence

4. Unconscious competence

At first, you don't know what you don't know. Then you know your gaps. Over time you can perform a skill if you concentrate. And finally, you do it without thinking. And to be a confident hunter, you need to get to level 3.

Fortunately, that's easy. Just define the techniques you plan to use.

For example, list the exact steps you need to perform to take a shot. You'll remove all ambiguity. And you'll have something to practice.

Defining your techniques will help you become a confident hunter.

And set you up for your path to efficient hunting.

I hope this post gave you some food for thought on efficient hunting.

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