Fibre pile fabric

The Navy SEAL of the mid-layer fabrics

Fibre pile is the Navy SEAL of the base-layer and mid-layer fabrics.

It laughs in the face of cold and humid conditions.

And takes a beating with a smile on the face.

What is fibre pile, and who is it for?

It's a fur-like fabric that helps you stay dry and warm.

Fibre pile is excellent for hunting in wet weather and humid conditions.

Or for those who hunt on the move, or move in connection with hunting.

If that's you, you know a week of rain makes it difficult for most gear to stay dry. And keep you warm.

You probably also understand that it can be challenging to find a good solution for managing sweat when working hard.

However, polyester fibre pile fabric will keep you dry in the most challenging conditions.

How does it work?

It's made from fine polyester fibres, woven with a high pile, like a fur.

Polyester doesn't absorb water, so it wicks sweat away from your body.

Together the many fine fibres spread your perspiration and help it evaporate.

Because of the loose weave, moisture and water vapour move quickly through the fabric.

That's why pile fabric is the ultimate mid-layer when hunting involves hard work or damp conditions.

When used with a windproof and breathable outer shell, the fine fibres trap an insulating layer of air around your body. So you stay warm.

One important note.

For fibre pile to transport sweat optimally, the pile (fur) needs to face your body.

Where does fibre pile excel?

You get best of class performance from pile fabric in wet conditions and when you sweat after moving through steep and challenging terrain.

It's great when you need a mid-layer that doesn't weigh a lot and stands up to hard use.

Remove your pile jacket before climbing the hill to stay as cool as possible. Then put it on when you're at the top starting to glass. And feel the magic of it helps you get dry and stay warm.

When might a different fabric be a better choice?

In dry conditions, when you know you won't sweat, you just need an insulating layer. In those cases, you'll get a better insulation ratio from a high-quality down garment. But you need to be very careful with managing moisture and perspiration.

If you need a mid-layer or base layer for milder conditions, merino wool will give you more natural comfort.

In summary

A fibre pile jacket will keep you warm in cold and humid conditions. It's great for hunting on the move, where you need an effective solution for managing unavoidable perspiration.

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