Hunting Hardshell Jacket M19


This is a waterproof and breathable hardshell jacket, built for hunting in bad weather.

It's made from a single bonded shell with three properties: A durable outer, a waterproof/breathable membrane and a protective lining.

The jacket will keep you dry in the heaviest rain and when you're shooting prone on soaked ground.

It’s an outer shell that gives you the freedom to manage insulating layers. Built to be worn all day and light enough to be put away in a bag.

That way, you can adjust to changing conditions, stay dry and focus on hunting.

Pick your size and colour to buy the jacket.

Or read below how a leaking jacket can get in the way of successful hunting.

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It can be challenging to stay focussed on hunting when you're wet.

It's frustrating if that makes you miss an opportunity to shoot.

It shouldn't have to be that way. Read below how this jacket will help you...

Waterproof membrane keeps you dry in heavy rain.

Breathable membrane helps prevent condensation.

Easy to stow the jacket in your daypack.

The jacket moves with you, making hunting effortless.

You can distribute essential kit in the six pockets


You're probably the type who grit your teeth when the going gets tough. But's it's still possible to get distracted... Like when pausing to curse a leaking jacket...

We're here to help you stay focussed. With uncompromising, purpose-built hunting gear.


"I wanted a new jacket for the Scottish winter hind cull that was capable of dealing with the rain, wind and snow. This jacket ticks these boxes…"

"The breathability is pretty impressive… It’s got loads of pockets and the hood fits well."


1. Buy the hardshell - check your size above and add to cart

2. Receive the parcel - we service customers in the UK, EU, USA, Canada, Australian & New Zealand.

3. Enjoy hunting, knowing your jacket will keep you dry and focussed


Three-layer waterproof and breathable shell fabric that protects you from driving rain. And stands up to crawling through rough terrain. The shell fabric gives full flexibility for managing insulation to keep you comfortable.

• Medium-weight & abrasion resistant

• Membrane waterproof to 20000mm H20 pressure

• Membrane moisture permeability of 20000 g/square metre/24 hours

• Two-way stretch

• Taped seams

• PFC-free water repellency


This jacket will keep you dry. And we also built it to help you hunt effortlessly. That means three things. A fit that doesn't get in the way and. A construction that help you move efficiently. And a pocket layout that helps you organise essential gear.

• Raglan sleeves and articulated elbow for freedom of movement

• Two-way stretch for flexibility

• Waist pockets on the side, so they're out of the way when prone.

• Hood adjusts to protect against the weather and to move with your head.

• Pocket drain holes for use in extreme conditions

• Workwear-grade build


This is a waterproof and breathable hardshell jacket. It's so light you can easily stow it in your daypack. We built it to work with layers so you can adapt to changing conditions.

• Adjustable hood

• 2 shoulder pockets

• 2 chest pockets

• 2 waist pockets

• Velcro loop accessory panels in chest and shoulder pockets

• Hard wearing zippers

• Adjustable waist cord

• Colour: Dark Earth


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