Non-slip Rifle Sling M18


No more shrugging your shoulder

This is a rifle sling with a non-slip panel.

The rubberised panel will grip your jacket and stop the rifle from sliding off your shoulder.

No more shrugging and adjusting. You're free to focus on hunting.

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It shouldn't be that difficult

A rifle sling won't shoot the deer for you.
It's a smaller piece in the big picture.
So it's ironic that they can be so irritating.

Require constant adjustment. Constant attention.

It shouldn't have to be that way.

A sling should just work.

As hunters, we got fed up and created a solution…
The result is the non-slip rifle sling.

The non-slip rubber panel stops your rifle from sliding off your shoulder. That way you don’t have to adjust your rifle constantly.The 38mm / 1.5” webbing strap distributes weight. It means you can carry your rifle comfortably for longer time.The heavy duty buckles and thread means the sling stands up to hard use. It will last longer and you can trust it to carry your rifle in all conditions.

Keep your rifle on your shoulder in easy 3 steps

1. Install the sling - the sling fits European and US style sling swivels.

2. Enjoy the grip - the non-slip panel will keep your rifle on your shoulder.

3. Focus on hunting - no more shrugging your shoulder to adjust your rifle.


You know the term "when the rubber meets the road".

It's a question if something can stand the test when it matters.

They take that test to the extreme in motorsports.

In NASCAR and F1, they use butadiene rubber in the tires. That way the cars stay on the track when racing through a turn.

At RedKettle we use butadiene rubber in the non-slip panel. That way your rifle stays on your shoulder when you're hunting.

Shopping with peace of mind

30 days full refund - To make sure you're happy with your purchase.

We pay for 1st return - To give you peace of mind when buying RedKettle gear.

Fair shipping rates - Because we're not here to make money on shipping.

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