What can hunters learn from Rob Leatham?

If you're a hunter keen on getting better.

You must read this.

About the learning trap.

It's my term, but I heard the concept from Rob Leatham.

He is a world champion.

In practrical pistol.

I recently bought an online pistol course.

By him and Mike Seeklander.

Another champ.

In one of the lessons, Rob said something that blew my mind.

It poked a knife right where it hurts.

Because I love studying.

But i have to work hard to follow up with enough practice.

Here's what he said.

"people think possession of knowledge equates to skill. And it doesn't."

"people think possession of knowledge equates to skill. And it doesn't "

What does that mean?

Well, documenting exactly how you will operate a piece of gear is an important start.

But you have to work to get that knowledge into your neural pathways.

Otherwise, you are just an armchair general.

I am still working hard on improving in this field.

I find the best trick is to develop routines.

And not study something unless I know I have timme to practice.

That puts a limit on things.

But what is the point of studying?

If you don't convert your hunting knowledge to hunting skills.

Take Rob Leatham's advice to heart.

It will help set you up for sucess when hunting.

It will help you become an efficient hunter.

A RedKettle Hunter.