RedKettle Light Ventile Jacket M/16 coming soon2016-06-20

We are launching the RedKettle Light Ventile Jacket M/16 this autumn.

It is made for you who want the ultimate comfort from natural fibres, and a garment that is light, fitted and still keeps you dry in a heavy shower.

The Light Ventile Jacket is ideal when rifle hunting on the move or when you are in warmer climates.

It is made from a single layer of Ventile, combined with a mesh lining.

As with all RedKettle gear, your movement is totally free from restraint. The jacket design allows you to shoulder the rifle effortlessly. Several pockets are designed around different shooting positions so all your kit is easily accessible.

The jacket is designed with you in mind.

Watch this space for a full description when we launch the jacket this Autumn.