2 steps to move you overwhelmed to confident hunter

When we first start hunting, everything is new and exciting.

But we quickly hit a wall of information overload.

It's not difficult to become a hunter. But it takes work if you want to become confident.

The key to unlocking any new topic is an overview.

One that helps you structure and prioritize your newfound knowledge.

Just ask Tim Ferris and Elon Musk.

Tim uses one-pagers, to learn new topics. Because they're a way to help him zoom in on the essentials.

And Elon Musk recommends semantic trees when acquiring new knowledge. Learn the roots and the trunks first. Before you add the branches and leaves.

The RedKettle Efficient Hunting model gives exactly that.

1. A way to connect all details, and

2. A way to build up to a hunt.

A way to connect all details. And a way to build up to a hunt.

It will help you move faster from overwhelmed to confident. By showing where to start and how to progress.

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