Blood Origins - a "hunting = conservation" force multiplier

Hunting is conservation.

The hunter depends on animals for food.

And animals depend on the hunter for careful management.

It's a relationship based on synergy.

At RedKettle, conservation is part of our DNA. The conservationist is one of the five roles we use to define ourselves as hunters (read about the Steward of Nature here).

As an organization, we want to help hunters do more for nature. But many we talk to find it challenging to pinpoint exactly what to do. And so do we, to be honest.

It's important for nature. And it's critical to make non-hunters understand that hunting is a force of good in nature.

But here's the problem. That's a big and challenging piece of work.

Identifying the best projects. Fundraising. Creating and sharing stories.

It was clear we needed help.

We needed to partner with someone who understands conservation. Who can act as a force multiplier for sharing the right message about hunting and conservation.

Long story short, our friend Matt Moss helped send us in the right direction.

By the way, Matt is a friend and hunter, and conservationist in his own right. Someone we admire. Check out his Instagram profile @mosswoodland.

Matt put us in contact with Robbie Kroger from Blood Origins.

And Blood Origins is just the conservation force multiplier we've been looking for.

Blood Origins is a not-for-profit organization founded in 20217.

Their goal is: "to communicate the true heart of a hunter, to those who have the power to either keep hunting alive or, take it away."

They are at the forefront of reshaping the narrative of hunters to the non-hunting majority.

And arranging donations to wildlife conservation projects all over the world.

Their work includes The Rhino Project in South Africa, Hunters for the Hungry in the USA and In The Name of the Thar in New Zealand.

Amazing projects that do so much great.

Through direct work on funding. And indirectly through storytelling to rally folks around conservation initiatives.

RedKettle is now a Blood Origin conservation club member. It is our ambition to grow our donations as we grow as a company.

We will also donate RedKettle gear to the monthly Blood Origins Supporter program.From September 2021.

Conservation is a complex topic.

And it can be difficult to know how to contribute.

Blood Origins help us address this challenge.

You can also use Blood Origins as your own conservation force multiplier.

Become a Blood Origins supporter. Help preserve nature and wildlife. And support them in their work to shape the perception of hunting and hunters.

Let's all work together to help folks out there understand that hunting is a force of good in nature.

You can sign up via

Check out the great films and podcast on their YouTube channel.

And don't forget to follow them on Instagram @bloodorigins