Extending testing of Ventile jackets2015-11-29

It sounds odd, but weather hasn’t been bad enough lately.

Consequently we’re extending the testing of our Lowland Ventile jackets. We’re experimenting to get the right balance between the lightness and sufficient weather proofing for both the spring/summer and autumn/winter jackets.

We’d like to share with you three of the things that testing has confirmed.

Firstly, natural fires are very comfortable to wear. This is especially evident during strenuous work. For example, you don’t get the condensation sometimes experienced with hard-shell membranes.

Secondly, with Ventile waterproofing is ‘on-demand’. You still enjoy full breathability where the shell doesn’t get soaked. For example, the area around the armpit stays dry, aiding ventilation and maintaining comfort.

Thirdly, Ventile doesn’t dry as fast as a hard-shell. We think the fabric shines in situations where spells of dry weather or overnight stays inside give the garment a chance to dry.

Watch this space for more information.

The folks at Red Kettle.