3 levels of hunting skills - navigate how to get faster

I bet you're the kind of hunter who strives to better yourself.

But it can be challenging to make the most of your practice time. If you're not clear about what level you're at.

In his book, Mastery, Robert Greene shares great ideas. He talks about three levels on the way to mastery.

Apprentice, Creative-Active and Master.

And each level requires different approaches to progress.

They're excellent ideas, but geeneral. But how do you apply them to hunting?

Here's the RedKettle model.

You start out as an overwhelmed hunter. Because of information overload.

As you develop a plan and practice, you become a confident hunter.

Over time, using your gear will become second nature.

And you'll gain experience and make faster and better decisions. You become an efficient hunter.

A RedKettle hunter.

Knowing what level you're at helps you work on the most relevant skills.

It lets you build on a solid foundation. Which speeds up learning.

I hope post gave you some food for thought on efficient hunting.

On RedKettle hunting.

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