Launching new lowland jacket in Ventile2015-07-05

We are launching a new Lowland jacket for autumn/winter use in 2015.

Many of you who hunt in the woodland margin have asked for clothing that isn't noisy, is hard wearing and is shower proof.

We've gone a little old school and believe we have found a great balance using Ventile cotton.

Ventile was developed for immersion suits for the Hurricane pilots protecting convoys in the Arctic Ocean. With Ventile life expectancy in the sea was extended from a few minutes to 20 minutes and rescue was now a real possibility.

The Ventile fabrics are 100% cotton, utilising the finest, long staple fibres, which expand when they come into contact with water. It's this swelling that prevents further passage of water.

The L24 Ventile we use has the following specs:

  • 750 mm resistance to water hydrostatic head (min)
  • 93%-98% water vapour permeability (breathability)

We were sceptical at first, but some of the professionals in our network convinced us to try Ventile. After having used Ventile in very poor conditions, we've really warmed to the fabric. The fact that Ventile also looks and ages really well is a plus.

We're currently refining the construction of the jacket and will keep you updated as we get closer to launch.

In the meantime you can click here to read more about Ventile.