Ventile jacket testing in Patagonia on two wheels

Our new RedKettle single layer Ventile jacket passed testing in Patagonia with top marks.

Testing the Ventile fabric here in the UK has proven its versatility, and we are now true believers.

To be able to give you the best possible advice, we are however always looking for more opportunities to push our garments to the limits.

Consequently, we jumped on the opportunity to supply one of our prototypes for a motorcycle road trip through Patagonia.

There wasn’t any hunting involved, but the jacket was exposed to scorching heat through the day, cold deserts at night, high winds and heavy showers.

Our friends at Spartan, who went on the trip, gave the RedKettle single layer Ventile jacket top scores.

They loved the jacket for being able to keep them comfortable in a wide range of weather types.

In the heat, the cotton was pleasant to wear.

In the cold, it was combined with wool mid layer and kept wind and rain out.

Please note, the shown test sample has a slightly different layout than the final version. It’s also missing a few features.

In our next post, you can read more about the specific features of the final version of the jacket.

Watch this space.


PS. You can read more about the excellent carbon fibre bipod and tripod systems from Spartan here.